Established in 2010.
With all the medical marijuana dispensaries in the Bay Area it seems impossible that every patient does not have a club close to the neighborhood in which he/she lives. It occurred to the founders of Proper Rx that there are a group of patients who do not have cars, are too ill to leave their homes, or handicapped. For whatever the reason, these patients who are in need are unable to leave their homes. Regardless of the large number of cannabis clinics in the Bay Area, this fact still leaves these particular patients marginalized with unequal access to their medical marijuana medication. Proper Rx Collective was formed to change that.

With the intent of providing door-to-door medical cannabis delivery, in 2010 Proper Rx opened it’s “car” doors to all patients, especially the sick, terminally ill, and handicapped. We are happy to say that we have built cherished relationships and gained many friends. We love this community and appreciate your welcome wishes.


Oakland, California

United States