Washington Ban: Vitamin E Acetate

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) has released a bulletin announcing a ban on the production and sale of vape products that contain vitamin E acetate, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has linked to the national outbreak of vape-related lung injuries.  The CDC reported 2,172 injuries and 42 deaths from lung injury as of Nov. 13.  Further complicating matters:the publicized lung illness cases nearly all involve people who vaped illegally obtained THC, either with or without nicotine.

The ban is effective Nov. 20.

Cannabis licensees must implement a recall plan for any vape products containing vitamin E acetate, according to the bulletin, and all products available for sale must have documentation available that lists all ingredients.

Washington adopted emergency rules last month that banned the sale of all flavored vape products in the state. Licensees must also submit a vape product ingredient disclosure form to the WSLBC by Dec. 1, per those regulations. In addition, retailers are required to post a vape-related warning sign at all locations.

Vitamin E acetate, when inhaled, is likely to accumulate at higher levels in the lungs.  Vitamin E acetate may also oxidize or burn when heated too high in a vaping device, producing toxic chemicals in the vapor.  It’s been used to cut cannabis oil in low priced black market products – which is why it’s very important to only work with high-end LEGAL products and vendors.  There’s no reason to use cutting agents because you can make high-quality vape cartridges using only cannabis-derived ingredients.

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