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We tend to think of music as one-way communication: “Here’s my stuff: Listen!” But it’s never really been that way.  In fact, listening to the audience is crucial: “Look! They’re dancing! Back to the head!”; “Oh… everyone’s asleep. New tune!”.  And fans have always longed to be heard. Witness the drunk guy screaming his requests from the third balcony.

Now you have a way of communicating, and most importantly, being communicated TO, outside the gig. Why is that important? Because modern fans expect it.  

And when you master it, it is powerful.

When you get this down, it will feel almost like you are having one on one discussions with your Tribe

When and How to update your Social Media

Artist Dashboards

At the moment, there’s no one dashboard that monitors all of the data points mentioned.  In addition to the dashboards provided by your PRO and digital distribution service, use all of these to get a clear understanding of how your business is performing.  Please keep an eye on specific ‘actions’ that you take which create a result in these reports.  

Social Sprout was a cool way to go but times have changed.  Here’s a good article to help you kick off your research:  and another from Inc Magazine:

Social Media Image Size Guidelines:

Forrester has released a fairly interesting report on Social Relationship Platforms.  Interestingly enough, HootSuite ranks fairly high up – as far as affordable solutions.

A combination of HootSuite & BufferApp is a fairly feature rich & free solution.

To manage Instagram, IconoSquare is an excellent solution.

MOZ Free Tools are also great.  Use MOZ to explore keywords.

  • HootSuite
  • BufferApp
  • MOZ Free Tools

Measuring your Growth

  • Weekly Reports to Track
    • Facebook 
      • Total Likes
      • Daily/Weekly engagement
      • Average weekly growth
    • Twitter
      • Total Followers
      • Daily/Weekly engagement
      • Average weekly growth
  • What other online presence do you have for promotion?
    • ReverbNation, MySpace, YouTube, Tumblr, Last FM, Spotify, itunes?
  • SonicBids

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