Truly Managing your Career

The key to truly managing your career is to employ Emotional Intelligence and Situational Intelligence effectively.  By utilizing these skills, you’ll find that…

Financial Planning

  • Pay the Band (as a business)
    • As a rule of thumb, it’s good to pay the band as much as any member of the band.  If there are 4 members in the band, then the gig income should be split 5 ways. If you’re a solo artist and pay for hired guns, don’t pay them more than yourself — in fact, you should make at least twice as much as the hired guns, so that you can deal with operational costs.
    • You pay your phone bill and rent right?  So – the band has operational overhead like any business does.  You need to be focused on how the band, as a business, can be a sustainable business.  So, don’t forget to, pay the business!

  • The Red Tape
    • Speaking of overhead — here’s some of that operational cost that you need to keep in mind.
    • Taxes, Insurance (Disability & Health Care), Retirement Plans, & Social Security
    • ASCAP / BMI support


  • Building Your Team, Keeping Your Team, Trusting Your Team.  What does your team look like? What are you expected to do as an Artist? Who’s in the driver’s seat?
  • Evolution of the Team: There will be turnover.  How do you handle that?

Here’s an example of what a fully flushed out team for a national artist could look like

Core Team

  • Manager: 
  • Booking agents: 
  • Publicist (Traditional): 
    • Social Media Evangelist:
    • Regional Street Team Leaders
      • LA
      • Montreal
      • Burlington
      • Boston
      • NYC
    • Video Production
    • Webmaster/Web Designer: 
    • Photographer: 
    • Tour Manager: 
    • Co-writer: Itaal Shur
    • Label:
    • Publishing:
    • Attorney: 
    • Investors: 

    Improvising Life

    • Jazz as a metaphor for Business
    • Those things that you want to be constant are actually variables
      • Learn to be comfortable with that
      • Be ready to take a right turn even though you were planning to go straight
      • Don’t be so picky about your damned Ducks!!!!

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